Sovereign Investors

Networking and consulting

We believe that the prudent and professional management of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) is smart politics. We share this conviction with governments with existing or new SWFs around the world. The full institutional benefits derives from carefully studying objectives, and learning from peers, on how best to operationalize a SWF given local constraints. This is our key expertise. We stand ready to work jointly with SWFs to share knowledge, implement peer experience and expand SWFs based on the foundation spelled out in the 24 Santiago Principles.

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Our team combines decades of insights into the SWF industry and comprises a strong mix of academical knowledge, practical experience and deep understanding of peer experience at SWFs around the world.

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We have established the "Friends of the SWF Industry" network as an informal, non-profit and unbiased network of some of the most experienced personaliies in the SWF community.

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