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1. Purpose, legal foundation and mandate

Laying strong foundations.

Policy purpose Determining the policy purpose of the SWF, which serves as a sound basis for developing investment strategies, and the operational management to align its investment decisions with clearly defined objectives.
Legal framework Developing a sound legal framework that supports the establishment of a robust institutional and governance structure, and the clear delineation of the responsibilities between the SWF and other governmental entities.
Investment mandate Developing a clear investment mandate, issued by the asset owner, providing general investment guidelines to the fund management and performance expectations.
Funding and withdrawal policies Developing the policies, rules, procedures or arrangements for the fund’s funding, withdrawal and spending operations on behalf of the government, consistent with the fund’s policy purpose.

2. Communications and coordination

Ensuring alignment of stakeholders.

Coordination with domestic fiscaland monetary authorities Designing processes that ensure coordination with domestic fiscal and monetary authorities to ensure consistency with the overall macroeconomic policies of the government.
Statistical data reported to the owner Designing the processes required to ensure that statistical data pertaining to the fund are reported on a timely basis to the owner.
Annual report and accounting standards Identifying best practices in public annual reporting. Coordination of the production and drafting of annual reports, and developing templates for future reports. Providing expertise on the process of choosing accounting standards.
Accountability Developing the accountability arrangements between the fund's leadership (governing body and management) and the political constituents of the fund.

3. Corporate governance

Setting robust governance arrangements.

Governance framework Developing a holistic approach to the governance arrangements of the fund, integrating its various decision making bodies. Focus on the alignment of roles and responsibilities in the governance process.
Owner’s mandate Specifying the mandate of the asset owner, including setting the objectives of the fund, identifying the arrangement to ensure effective oversight of the fund, and the selection of the members of the fund's governing body(ies) in accordance with clearly defined procedures.
Governing body(ies) Developing the mandate for the fund's governing body(ies), developing the parameters that ensure that the governing body(ies) are competent to setting the fund’s strategy and providing the necessary oversight.
Operational management Designing governance arrangements that allow the operational management to implement investment policies in the best interest of the fund's objectives, at the same time ensuring that operational management remains accountable to the asset owner.

4. Internal procedures 

Getting the details of internal procedures right.

Auditing Developing policies that ensure the robust auditing of a fund.
Professional and ethical standards Developing professional and ethical standards, and other codes that also ensure that conflict of interest issues are preventively addressed.
Third parties Developing rules and procedures for dealing with third parties.
Regulatory and disclosure requirements in host countries Designing a system of controls that ensures that regulatory and disclosure requirements in third countries are met.
Privileged information in competition with private entities Designing a system or controls that prevents the fund and/or staff to benefit from privileged information or inappropriate government influence.

5. Investment policy and risk management framework

Determining and implementing a robust, risk-adjusted investment policy.

Investment policy Developing the processes and standards that allow leadership to set a conclusive investment policy, consistent with defined objectives, risk tolerance and investment strategy as set by the owner or the governing body(ies).
Return maximisation and disclosure of non-financial and economic considerations Developing policies and practices around ESG investment standards.
Risk management framework Providing input to a fund's risk management framework.
Investment performance and benchmarks Definition of adequate performance benchmarks.
Ownership rights Setting a deliberate approach to executing shareholder rights.